Customer Insight

‘Competitive Advantage’ lies in the combination of data from the different disciplines of CRM, Social media up to ERP and SCM. An advantage is obtained by extracting insights that make a significant contribution to the course of the enterprise. There is one challenge; how can this data, spread over various corporate domains and systems, be combined without protracted ICT projects like data coupling and data warehouses. In what way can be assessed if added value is present for the company in the available data, and is there a reasonable TCO in realizing the necessary ICT.

We understand the value for retail companies to combine various data collections for obtaining consumer/market insights. This data is dispersed over internal and external sources. Beforehand it is not clear if a) this data from different sources can be connected logically and b) if from these connections insights will arise that are advantageous.

Grace System is able to analyze available data beforehand using intelligent analytics methods. With this the added value of the available data can be assessed. As an example one can think of the application of correlation analyses of data from various sources such as client contacts, social media and supply chain, with which patterns can be explained in advance.

Grace System is capable to simulate elaborately compiled business questions (analytics) looking at future value. For example is there control on geographical cohesion with client contact on the available data? What is the added value for the company and what is the underlying effort in administration, ICT coupling and reports.

Grace System is different from classic BI that builds expensive warehouses and reports within linear projects. In the following pages we will go through the case ‘Consumer Insight’ relating to the possibilities of Grace System.

Demographic  data is pre-processed and analysed within Grace System for example by clustering the income by zip code into several smaller clusters to use in correlation analysis with Consumer Contact data.






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