Grace Data Hub

Connecting Data

Data is spread out over multiple systems, vendors and data sources. An option is to uses DWH techniques to create one place where data is integrated. But rigid ETL and Reporting structures make it impossible to browse through data and even adapt data structures on the go. Grace Systems uses unique data correlation rules to connect any data object to any other data object. Think of a social network, but for data.

With Grace Systems it is possible to generate an integrated Data Hub from different corporate data stores. Also data stores from external service providers such as social media and demographics can be integrated. Grace Systems correlates the available data automatically to meaningful keys such as customer numbers and product numbers.  This generates a semantic data model, fully searchable, ready for data discovery. This data model is the basis of the various analytical modules of Grace Systems.


Navigation through the integrated data model is possible with the Data Discovery module. Analyzing transaction chains, process steps, individual records, for example from a ‘customer centric’ view. Grace Systems offers a full text search over the complete semantic model. Build in data profiling and orphan discovery ensure the data quality.