Advanced Analytics

Almost every industry or part of the economy will get driven by either Data or Algorithm

Grace Systems focusses on the high-end of advanced and predictive analytics which consists in our vision of the ability to combine big data stores, execute scientific algorithms and visualize analytics to business users. Analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Advanced analytics provides algorithms for complex analysis. It includes sophisticated statistical models, machine learning, predictive analytics, text analytics, and other advanced data mining techniques. It is about prediction, optimization and forecasting. Grace Systems is one of the very few analytics suites which is able to apply scientific algorithms on distributed data stores. On top of that, Grace Systems is the only Suite where the data model is still accessible for data discovery.

Grace Systems consists of a broad range of data mining modules:

Grace Systems supports many industries and disciplines with analytical insight and competitive advantage:

  • machine translation
  • robotics
  • search engines
  • digital economy
  • biological sciences
  • medical informatics
  • health care
  • social sciences
  • economics
  • business
  • finance
  • banking
  • risk
  • insurance
  • transportation systems
  • public infrastructure
  • energy
  • chemicals
  • utilities
  • industrial manufacturing
  • automotive