Big-Data engineering

Big-Data and Big-Decisions, analyzing Big Data value

Big Data rises also Big Complexity to get to the Big Decisions. In traditional IT the value of getting insight from Big Data can only be evaluated after an extensive period of investing in IT.

Grace Systems is able to analyze available data beforehand using intelligent analytics methods. With this the added value for business from data can be assessed, but also the investments in Big Data and Analytics infrastructures.

Big-Data engineering_01

Grace Systems is capable to simulate elaborately compiled business questions (analytics) looking for future value. For example is there control on geographical cohesion with client contact on the available data? What is the added value for the company and what is the underlying effort in administration, ICT coupling and reports?

Grace Systems is different from classic BI that builds expensive warehouses and reports within linear projects.


By focusing on Data, Algorithm and Analytics Grace Systems is able to reduce the data to value cycle dramatically. More important, the competitive advantage, needed from insight is tested before investments in Big Data infrastructures.