Modern healthcare is becoming demanding with mandatory compliance, regulatory audits and data governance challenges. Every medical discipline uses data, structured and unstructured, inside and outside the walls of the health institution. The use of data and analytics for diagnostic and expert systems are becoming an integral part of modern healthcare. Challenges are interfacing between different disciplines and institutions, data governance and predictive analytics in diagnostic expert systems.

Grace Systems uses proven methods and Data Mining services in helping healthcare companies assess regulatory compliance, risk and their compliance.

Grace Systems uses Data Science software and services to challenge obstacles in improving the quality and efficiency of health care. The ever growing importance second line of defense in logistics, data, enterprise resource planning and other supportive processes which makes modern healthcare reliable, effective and efficient.

In our vision, data, algorithms and analytics are crucial in getting and staying in-control of the emerging amount of data.Data_Algorithm_Analytics
Text mining capabilities of Grace Systems are able to break down unstructured data streams and can be used for machine learning on data patterns.

Information security, patient privacy and data governance are fundamental components of an EHR system. Grace Systems has an extensive track record in analyzing, designing and implementing Identity and Access Management processes. Including designing, simulating, translating various forms of data governance models from NIST-RBAC standards. Especially where client confidentiality on medical files is part of the authorization process.

Grace Systems is able to support with Data Science and Data Mining software and services on the following Healthcare challenges:

  • Electronic Health Record (EHR) Data Migration and Translation
  • Electronic Health System (EHS) re-design and reform
  • Assurance services on healthcare compliancy
  • Regulatory services
  • Security and privacy services (Identity and Access Management, Information Governance)
  • Data and analytics on predication and optimization challenges
  • Quality and safety services (fatal and near accidents)
  • Risk assurance services
  • Strategy and analytics on EHS data