Cross Domain Cross Platform

Everything starts with a base, within which the construction and cohesion of corporate data on various domains and systems are given.

With Grace system  it is possible to generate a Business Hub with the help of different available data files. These can be coupled or loaded. Grace correlates the available data automatically to meaningful keys such as customer numbers, product numbers etc. In this way a semantic model is built with which the data of different sources can be put together. This forms the basis of the various analytical modules.

By means of a warehouse browser, navigation through the model from any record is made possible, for example from a ‘customer centric’ view. Furthermore Grace offers a full text search over the complete semantic model.

From each record can be browsed to the linked records. -From this record is again the opportunity to browse through. This creates a virtual network of all linked records. From the analysis modules can be jumped at any time to the warehouse and any linked records from other areas so as to explain and substantiate the results.