Data Mining

Mining value out of Data

Grace Systems is able to execute a variety of Data Mining algorithms on location. We are able to process data mining algorithms into results in matter of days, rather than weeks, without IT investments, without IT specialists. Grace Systems has the ability to deploy mobile data mining machines on premise to meet data privacy rules and regulations.

Grace Systems Unique Data Mining Algorithms are able to analyze the DNA of different corporate systems and recognize patterns in data transactions. Grace Systems real time adaptive software is able to perform data-discovery, data-mining and predictive analytics.This creates new opportunities and solve previously unsolvable problems and provides any company with a unique competitive advantage. We deliver software, services and experts to transform data into value.

Grace Systems excels in advanced data mining capabilities:

  • data warehousing
  • data engineering
  • data profiling
  • data cleansing
  • data translation
  • data mining
  • data discovery
  • text mining
  • machine learning
  • a-priori
  • correlation analysis
  • data rule analysis

For more information:
Frank van Asch (CTO)
Henk Boersma (CEO)