Data Science and Data Mining

Goal: Grace Systems is specialized in Data Science and Data Mining and plans to be disruptive with a broad range of cutting edge software, services, methods, models and more to tackle big data challenges.

Vision: Almost every industry or part of the economy will get driven by either Data or Algorithm. There is a big need for software and services able to generate a deeper insight from data, run data mining algorithms and transfer outcome to business insights. This means that new software should go beyond the current flashy dashboards and costly IT vendor platforms. Key to success is User driven, Data driven and Algorithm driven Software and Services.

Achievements: Grace Systems provided several multinationals with analytical insight on Big Data: Banking, Healthcare, High Tech (chip industry), Consumer Intelligence (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), Goverments (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Telecom.

Strategy: Grace Systems focusses on the high-end of advanced and predictive analytics which consists in our vision of the ability to combine big data stores, execute scientific algorithms and visualize analytics to business users. All without the help of IT departments and specialized BI builders. Analytics as an iPhone.