Identity & Access Management

Loading and connecting data distributed among a multiplicity of systems, back-offices and departments. Grace Systems connects Transaction Chains between HR Administration, Technical Identities, and Access Control Systems.
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Learning Analytics

Grace System reconciles Learning Data with Business Data. Estimate beforehand and Measure afterwards how Training and Learning Contributes to the Achievement of your Organization’s KPIs.
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Customer Insight

Grace System combines Data from CRM, Social Media, ERP and SCM. Generate Valuable Insights for your organization through Data Mining and Data Science techniques.
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Collecting Big Data

Grace System excels at Combining and Collecting Data from a variety of resources without setting up expensive ETL and Data Warehouses.

Innovative Real-Time Reports and Analytics generated by Grace System enables your organization to Simulate Complex Business Cases on different Big Data sets.
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Direct Data Mining

Patterns and Deviations are observed easily with Grace System through Data Mining and Data Science techniques like Orphan Analysis and Data Reconciliation.

Interactive Dashboards help Browsing and Drilling Down through Data ranging from top-level to record-level. Discussing Findings and Insights among Stakeholders with the help of Grace System’s custom Group Decision Rooms makes sure your organization is In Control.
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Cross Domain – Cross Platform

Analytics in Grace System are done independent from domain boundaries and platform characteristics. From Accountancy to Engineering and from Infrastructures to Security Mining algorithms are projected directly on the data model without intensive DWH building steps.

Grace Systems is a powerful tool to analyze and simulate future value in cross domain and cross platform data stores. It helps in analyzing the business usability of combined data together with insights in TCO for design and building future data exchanges and warehouses. With Grace System it is possible to analyze and simulate the viability of various scenario’s on GRC, Supply Chain, Data Migration and Data Warehouses.
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